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Marc Hanslin

I am a lawyer. Passionate to serve, passionate to find common ground. Kellerhals Carrard is my team. I am a general staff officer. Cherishing structured thinking, goal-orientation and team work. I am a politician at heart. Opinionated, love for debates and prepared to lead. I bring leadership experience, being a platoon leader and company commander in the Swiss army. I am business partner and advisor. Critical at times, supportive at most. But most importantly, I love my family. Always caring, always there.


Since 2014, I work as a licensed lawyer in Switzerland. I am specialized on M&A and capital markets law, but I enjoy advising as well. My clients are large and small enterprises, sometimes private individuals. Some are from Switzerland, some international. For many years now, I am also a board member, business angel and advisor to companies. In my younger years, I was active in local politics for the liberal party.


My alma mater is the University of Zurich where I graduated with a Master in Law in 2010. The bar exam I took in my home canton St. Gallen in 2013. 2016 I completed my PhD with a thesis in capital markets law and criminal law at the University of Zurich. 2018/2019 I earned an MBA at the University of Science and Technology in Hong Kong. Over the years I completed many courses in the Swiss Army on leadership, crisis management, C-level communication, group problem solving and media training.


I am a versatile person. I can adapt easily, am open to change and to new ideas. At the same time, I am a bit old fashioned. I trust my principles and values, follow my path and have performed well under pressure so far. And, I am not afraid to be me. I am honest and straight forward, enjoy a good laugh, do not take myself too seriously and I try to cater for the fact that everyone else is just human too.




I seek variety and new challenges. Being it new clients, new deals or new projects. If the team is nice, there is ambition and I have something to contribute, I am interested. If it’s pressing or complex, I definitely want to learn more. I am not fixed on a specific role. Advisor, board member, investor. I just want to have an impact. Besides, I enjoy talking, teaching and writing.

My people

Through my activities, I met amazing people. Lawyers, investors, founders, manager, army officers, politicians, but foremost friends and colleagues. I try my best to stay connected and am thankful for every new encounter. I am genuinely interested in what people do and I am not shy to bring people together if I see an opportunity.


I am a generalist. I work in all industries. The machine industry always felt dear to my heart, as my father was an engineer. As a lawyer, I worked on great transactions for the chemical and the life science industry. The financial industry, I understand well, and I have decent insight into tech, especially cloud computing. A special interest are beer and chocolate and the retail sector in general.



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Marc Hanslin.

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